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The fun doesn’t stop! Your little doll will love this light pink reopard all over printed with earcup features their favourite L.O.L. Surprise dolls. Kids can listen music, watching, playing games and even home schooling! These headphones are perfect companion for your little diva’s e-leaerning and gaming time.

Kids Interactive headphones are designed with young children in mind and are sound safe to enhance online learning and gaming experiences.
These Kids interactive headphones are
– High performance detachable Boom microphone picks up the child’s voice cearly and minimise any distraction from background noise. Ideal for use in any application or games that providing voice chat function.
– Two different sound safe volume settings of 85 dB and 94 dB for the perfect volume setting in any environment.
– Suitable for children aged 3+
– Extendable adjuster for customised flexible fit for any head shape
– Lightweight, durable and comfortable while in use
– Extra 3.5mm audio cable included
These headphones can be used with all your favourite devices using a 3.5mm universal jack connector. (i.e. use with iPads, ipods, Tablet, handheld games, learning devices, XBox, PS4, 2Ds XL and Nintendo switch*).

*Make sure that the Voice Chat is On and the Voice Chat Method is set to Open Mic, and then test the headset again. You should be able to hear and be heard in the chat.

Official MGA/L.O.L. Surprise! Merchandise.


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