OTL Pro G4 DC Comic Batman


Check out these super sleek Batman gaming headphones… Ideal for aspiring Batmen and Batwomen, these official merchandise Batman gaming headphones are too cool for school!

Featuring the Dark Knight logo in red on both 50mm over-ear speaker earcups, you will be gaming in comfort as these wired gaming headphones feature a padded PU headband and soft earpads. The microphone is detachable and omnidirectial for high quality and clear voice chat with an in-line controller to mute or chat with your buddies (*chat available for games that support in-game chat capability).
These headphones are compatible with all your favourite devices using a 3.5mm universal jack connector* (i.e. use with iPads, iPods, tablets, handheld games, learning devices, XBox, PS4, 2Ds XL and Nintendo switch). *PCs with pink and green jacks required a PC splitter cable (not included).
Official DC Comics/Batman Merchandise.

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