Redragon AJAX H230


The Redragon AJAX H230 RGB gaming headphones are a great addition to your gaming arsenal. It has 53mm speakers that deliver high quality sound, and soft pads allow for long-lasting wear. Its toggle microphone allows you to easily mute the microphone by rotating the microphone up, when this happens, it immediately turns on mute mode when you don’t need to chat or just need your privacy. The volume knob on the side of the ear unit makes it easy to adjust the level with the rotary knob. It also has RGB lighting that allows you to really show off your gaming settings and express yourself.



  • 53mm speakers
  • Switch the microphone to mute mode
  • RGB lighting
  • Headphone volume control
  • Low weight




  • RGB lighting: Yes
  • Color: black
  • Volume control: Yes

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