Metroid Prime Remastered Nintendo Switch

42.99  (324.00 kn)

Become the bounty hunter Samus Aran once again in Metroid Prime Remastered! The critically-acclaimed, first-person adventure has been revamped for Nintendo Switch.



Calm and capable, Samus takes on this solo mission…but she is far from alone.

Journey through diverse biomes as you uncover the Space Pirates’ sinister experiments and gather information about the toxic substance that left the planet in ruin.

From the quiet stillness of the snowy Phendrana Drifts to the magma geysers of Magmoor Caverns, this alien planet introduces beautifully harsh landscapes and labyrinths.

Forge ahead to your next objective or take time to stop and scan your surroundings, delving into the secrets held by the creatures and history of Tallon IV.

Use Samus’ Arm Cannon and go head-to-head against otherworldly creatures, bolstered Space Pirates, and the energy-sapping Metroids.

Revisit previously inaccessible areas and pay close attention to your environment to solve puzzles and get more upgrades.

You’ll need the help of abilities like the Ice Beam, Missiles, and several visors to dispatch the alien threats lurking around every corner

Earn 22 InfoStars worth 1.10  (8.00 kn)
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