Asterigos: Curse Of The Stars – Collectors Edition (PS5)

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Welcome to Aphesus – a city-state full of magic and wonder inspired by ancient Rome and classical Greece. The landscapes of Aphes are full of beauty and danger, from foggy bazaar streets to dark canals, mysterious forests on the outskirts of the city to deep chasms filled with glittering crystals.

On the way, you can choose between different weapons and combine them as you wish! The talent system allows you to choose and expand your fighting style by choosing two of six completely different weapons: sword and shield, dual blades, spear, hammer, staff or even magic bracelets. Equip a magic staff and take out enemies from a distance, or switch to a giant warhammer and crush them in close combat.

Although Aphes will distract you from the action with its beautiful views, this place is not for the faint of heart. Fight your way through 60 different monsters and encounter 22 unique bosses – each with their own unique combat mechanics.

Every choice and every decision matters. Your journey to Afes will lead you to uncover the truth about the city’s curse, piecing together its history through conversations, unearthed documents and film footage, as well as Hilda’s journal, which she will update with sketches and observations.

The world of Asterigos is full of secrets and untold stories. Find over 100 collectibles, complete numerous side quests and upgrade your legacy in New Game+ mode!

The Collector’s Edition includes:

Asterigos: Curse of the Stars – Deluxe Edition
A stunning exclusive 260 page Premium Artbook measuring 17cm x 15cm.
The game’s official soundtrack on 2 CDs.
A collector’s box in which all the contents are stored.

Earn 28 InfoStars worth 1.40 
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