Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set PC/PS3/PS4/XB1


The Thrustmaster T3PA Wide Pedal Set is the ultimate accessory for your Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition.

With 100% metal pedals and an internal structure, this pedal set is built to last. Three pedals offer adjustable spacing (3 positions) and angle adjustment (2 positions). In addition, the accelerator pedal offers two height adjustments. The included conical rubber brake mode allows users to more precisely adjust the resistance on the brake pedal. A wide textured footrest and a weighted pedal set ensure perfect stability. Mounting options are enhanced with built-in threaded holes that are perfect for your cabin. The Thrustmaster three-pedal wide pedal kit is an integral part of the TX racing steering wheel ecosystem and is also compatible with the Ferrari 458 Spider racing steering wheel.



  • w: 24cm x h: 36cm x d: 42cm
  • weight: 3450g
Earn 72 InfoStars worth 3.60 
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