Dragonwar Dragon Shock 4 White PS5/PS4/PC/MOBILE

DRAGONWAR – DRAGON SHOCK 4 wireless controller allows you to comfortably play video games on your PS4, PC or mobile device. The controller is pleasant to the touch due to its rubber texture. The Dragon Shock 4 is also 5% larger than a conventional controller that fits perfectly in every hand, even the largest.
The design of the wireless controller should improve your capabilities thanks to high-precision triggers and two analog rods with ergonomic design, which make it easier to adjust your fingers to the shape of the controller and allow more precise use. The controller has an illuminated screen, which makes the buttons perfectly visible even in the dark. The wireless connection uses high-performance Bluetooth technology “Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR” and offers you an accurate, stable, wireless gaming experience without delays.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR wireless controller
  • LED indicator
  • Highly sensitive buttons
  • Built-in twin engines
  • Precise thumb control rods
  • Coated with a rubberized texture that is pleasant to the touch
  • 5% bigger for a better fit and comfort during the game